Rap – Toilets & Trains

I'm slumped on a train but life decides to disrupt,
Fuck, I need a dump so I rush to the train toilet,
Enter the cramped room, sat on the cracked loo
In the cramped stall to enact The Amazing Spider-Man 2,
My elbows rub against the wall, I'm yelling "hell naw",
And I'm hella tall, so I can't even fall,
Ultimately it's all done so I go to the tap, meet
The wall, wash my hands then go to go back to my seat,
But the door is lodged, like your mom on my phone, blocked,
I rock the doorknob, logically it should've dislodged, but it's not,
Haven't felt this lost since I got a hard cock to Kate Moss (wait, what?),
I knock the block but I'm given no response,
Sweat wets my head, as stressed as a Stan waiting for a release by Eminem,
I attempt yet again, but my pain meets no end,
I phone a friend but get no good bars like Minaj after 2010,
It was then when my hope was lost that I heard an outside footstep,
Freedom assured, I quickly implore,
The guy travels the floor, stands beside the door,
He subsequently gets help, I'm then relieved of my rage,
I thank them and sit down, then realise I'm on the wrong train

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