Rap – This Town (Part 2/6 of The Lost Star)

Note: this is part two of a series of raps (called 'The Lost Star') that, read together, tell an overarching story. Despite this, it's also readable as a standalone piece.

Ruffled duffel bag stuffed and packed with crumpled rags,
Laptop shoved in the rugged backpack on her back,
She acts tough and struts, but she's actually a muddled insomniac,
Troubled by her past and a future she's already passed,
An old man stumbles, fumbles for his hash,
But he just tumbles, lands on the muddied wet grass,
Young adults hang, huddle and mumble under a crumbled tank,
Spit fire about their past, but they've already burned and crashed,
Empty trees claw the rundown walls, the leaves left long ago,
She wishes for the same, but her roots run deep in this world and won't let go,
Broken lights spark and illuminate the raindrops,
Homeless ask for change while they wait for the pain to stop,
Drenched leather tossed, she sees her face in the reflection,
She questions whether the wet’s ‘cause of tears or the weather,
Failure’s forever feared but being lost is so perplexing,
How can you find yourself when you're so far gone in the wrong direction?
She exits a restaurant’s interior and looks back from the exterior,
The outside's mysterious, the inside hideous,
Yet it's still a success ‘cause there's hope behind the scenes,
That resonated with her ‘cause that's who she used to be,
She sees a bystanding guard defiant in trying 
To avoid crying, eyes diluted with highlights of fighting 
Lowlives at five past six, numb to silence,
Each bloodshot blotch a snapshot of violence,
This town is a warzone, the down and out soldiers
Carrying doubt on their shoulders, a cloud of loathing over
Their head, the center shrouded with groups of loners,
Lone wolves alone, they shout aloud to suppress moaning,
For once she wants to be the outcast, but she is the same,
It's insane she became that which she disdains,
This town’s like an island, and she's a bastard turned stowaway...
A castaway cast a way away

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