Rap – Vice World (Part 3/6 of The Lost Star)

Note: this is part three of a series of raps (called 'The Lost Star') that, read together, tell an overarching story. Despite this, it's also readable as a standalone piece.

[Verse 1]

Fear of peer pressure detected when I speak,
If I die without love it’s at my best, widow's peak,
Still shrugged by society, sobriety makes me weak,
A game with Satan’s Nectar won't protect ya from the halo’s reach,
Will I be let into Heaven when I'm yet to have it on Earth?
Refusal to expand my pupils makes it worse,
Detracts me from my pupils, but which brings the most hurt?
Is rejection after adaption acceptance or a curse?
How can you not succumb to it? This world’s your circumference,
Bongs as furniture, pills to nurture ya,
It's harming and hurting, the darkness only worsens, yet
Your mind's so numb you won’t go and learn a thing,
Drown your sorrows and your harrowing morrows,
Wallow by bottles, forget time, there's no tomorrow,
That side’s no life so keep going, full throttle, 
Physical or mental anguish, which is the harder pill to swallow?


Living is a side effect in the world of vice,
Feeling’s fabrication, touch is a lie,
Step in this nation, and you'll find
Temporary pain then a hell of a life

[Verse 2]

It's so cold when you walk these streets alone,
A lone shadow flows, only meets the dark zones,
The girls all talk while you moan on your own,
Her world's so shallow, but it's all that she knows,
Can't sip the liquor quicker, muffle your sorrows,
Troubles’ given you vigour, but fuck your morals,
Your motto’s to deal with your morrows tomorrow,
But a new day never follows, the night grows old,
It's internal to be nocturnal, juxtaposed to the light,
Some write wrongs to right wrongs, you fight pain with a vice,
Must oppose the place, get high, turn your silhouette white,
A shadow’s only in sight half the time at night,
Seen family deranged as their brain's decay
But does the momentary escape make the rage okay?
You’re just scared you’ll be afraid of the initial disdain
Less than the everlasting pain (what do I say?),
You and him are the same, yet you're nothing alike,
Enigmas, unified by your fucked up lives,
Defined by what you contrive to try to get what you strive,
Numb to death, you're living in the world of vice

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