Rap – Vita (Part 6/6 of The Lost Star)

Note: this is the final part of a series of raps (called 'The Lost Star') that, read together, tell an overarching story. Despite this, it's also readable as a standalone piece.

She grew up on the mean streets of Wales,
Was fazed from an early age from fighting tooth and nail
Beneath creaking floorboards and a family tree set to derail,
It'd be a miracle if she didn't fail,
But she kept fighting, shunned inevitability,
Used everything in her ability to rid of the
Riddling villainy in the town's history,
Almost hindering her legacy, ending what could've been,
Rap and rock latched in her block, high school became the object,
She acknowledged knowledge and got it lodged in her logic,
But it was there where, right from the offset,
Other pupils saw weakness prominent in her optics,
And swiftly demolished any bit of confidence,
Quickly stomping it and offing what made her an optimist,
But it wasn't just the ridicule that made her sad,
That only added to the angst from the death of her dad,
A bastard, the lack of that made her mad,
With her father figure gone, at least her mum she still had,
Except that didn't last, a year later she also passed,
At age fifteen she was deemed the last of her clan,
That just added to her anxiety dividing her from society
And multiplied peer pressure to minus her sobriety,
She was dying for popularity but instead she kept crying in
The library, all alone, the death of her soul prying deep,
Great grades began to change and anger became rage,
When she finally made a friend she made their relationship decay,
She hated what she became and it deranged her brain,
Things were never the same, that day she went insane,
It was at rock bottom she remembered her love for hip hop,
Got into lots of shit like Eminem and Kid Rock,
Began to adopt what they'd think and her fucks started to stop,
Her fear of what others thought slowly flopped and dropped,
Stalled her downward spiral, adapted squeals to high notes,
Reacted to vile slander without appall ‘cause she knows
Their pressures for acceptance are mauled upon denial,
Became comfortable with herself, grades and friends then, she got all,
She headed to college, got acquainted with herself deep,
Became infatuated with writing, both songs and stories,
It was there she realised what she wanted to be
And for the first time, her nightmares morphed into dreams,
The positivity maintained as she gained more friends,
Finally, she thought she might have a happy end,
Decimated college, got her place in uni confirmed,
If only she knew it's where her life would turn worse,
Reached the new city, now so far from home,
Making friends isn't as easy, she quickly felt alone,
No detection of erecting an inkling of connection,
Self destruction disrupted her functions, she felt pathetic,
She internalised internal lies surmised by infernal times,
Her newly alive immoral mind began to immortalise,
And no line or rhyme could deny life strife,
Her best years have died and passed by,
Ignorant claims are the lone thing she sees,
They say ignorance is bliss, but the unknown's scary,
She'd retreat to bed with hair like she just had a sleep,
Was in shit so deep she'd fallen into fallacy,
Had to be the first time her reality was smacked with tragedy,
Even when her family died she had friends to speak,
Here was just her, herself and her anxiety,
Considered her last day being Christmas, that week,
Hoping under the mistletoe would be the kiss of death,
That the new year would be the beginning of the end,
She had gone and lost all self respect,
Herself couldn't be less selfless,
Then came 2017, and things began developing,
Heard a melody on her phone, a text from an old friend she sees,
They get reacquainted, each laugh making energy,
And consequently, her depression kept getting beat,
She returned to uni, and it was at that time
That red vibes lied above in the sky,
The crimson skies ignite the inner fire of her mind,
Wired her drive to go hard, inspired her to write,
It refuted pollution with mental resolution,
Disputed her muted smiles, caused happiness restitution,
Moved her mood to that worthwhile, she saw it ain’t a curse,
That there’s more to this than sadness, mourning and birth,
‘Cause life is poetry and yin and yang align,
That’s why “alive” and “suicide” rhyme,
From sin to salvation, it's been a hell of a ride
But the peaks and perils level out, one line,
‘Cause comeuppance comes up from the ups and downs,
Thus she wouldn't take it back, ‘cause it's why she's her now,
So acceptance or rejection, in the end it's all progression,
An addition to who you are in the ending

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