Rap – Solar Eclipse

I woke up today, read about the eclipse,
Except I'm in the UK, pissed I can't witness it,
But I say bullshit! I cannot miss this
So I hatch a plan to see it, it'll be perfect,
As I do, my grandmother walks into the room,
I lunge at and smother her into her tomb,
Still alive? I grab a knife and shank her womb,
Take her purse and subsequently spit on her corpse too,
Sometime later I make it to the airport,
“How much to America?” 3.4k? Fuck that, whore,
I see Chris Brown on his phone, I use this to my advantage,
I ask “can you name a song of his that isn't trash?”, "... I can't, shit",
He snaps at me, diving over the counter,
I counter with a grab to the neck and down him,
Take the keys to the back and sit on the suitcase carrier,
Ultimately make it to the plane, escape the holding bay through a cabinet,
I reach the cockpit, cock my gun and show it,
“If you want to live, tell me where this plane is going!”,
They say Scotland, “goddamn I need Wyoming!”,
They realise my gun's a water gun, price tag is showing,
I shoot the water, the flow lands on the controls,
The pilots electrocuted, the plane starts to go,
Don't know how to stop this so fuck it let's roll,
I hold the wheel, to the eclipse boi, AYOOO,
The door still open, passengers tumble around,
A little girl breaks her jaw falling to the ground,
A baby flails out, sails through a cloud,
The mother, crying, finds suicide viable now,
She bails out head first, ain't no saving her,
She hits the jet engines, blood spraying like the aviators',
They burst into flames, prompting system failure,
The plane veers down, the tail leans up,
The wheel locks, we're positively fucked,
I doubleback to the passengers, and run up
To an old woman and smack the cunt,
Take her safety jacket and give it a pump,
I prepare for collision but my vision gets faded,
I awake sometime later, the plane got to safety,
Another pilot saved us, got us to the place in
The system I set, eclipse above my head, we made it!

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