Rap – Night Sky Clouds (feat. Kahleb)

[Verse 1: Josh]

All he sees is his life and the choices that killed him,
Except those choices are blessings to some of the children,
The powers he's bestowed with he just let's sit in,
He himself then sits in, his destiny hence stilted,
All of them are jilted, he just now knows
That his sole soul's fate is to lay awake, alone,
This was his true legacy waiting to unfold,
The devil just let him take a stroll with his hopes,
Angel dust intertwines with the lightning,
He peeks in the mirror, what he sees is frightening,
Eyelids cracked, residing residue of crying,
Hope inside just dying,
All he sees is the epitome of misery,
"What I need doesn't even see me,"
Best feeling is smiling sincerely,
Shame for him that state’s never been,
Awake at 8am, full of hate,
"Lecture in an hour? Maybe I'll be late,"
Awake again then at 2:58,
"Try to make friends? Nah, that can wait,"
Bin by the bed overflowing,
"I don't know where I'm going,"
He wants to live for the moment
But they pass so fast, unlike his loathing,
The juxtaposition of wanderlust,
Downward spiral his only roaming,
Acquisition of happiness is a must
But dreams are just that only,
An angel reached out,
The dark momentarily eclipsed,
But he was shrouded by doubt
Then the moment was missed,
He hides from nervousness
When it asks his name,
Then a bullet hits it
Dropping him too... it musta ricocheted,
But when you're the sniper of it all
You gotta realise you're the cause of your downfall,
But he's already just so, so small,
"Send me down with the angel, I love the voice of death's call"

[Verse 2: Kahleb]

Took the shot, it was pivotal yes?, Guess it should've stressed
what was never meant in the literal sense, got the visual then?
Only residual since I forfeit to the vortex is the digital pen
Optical for chronicles optimal for toppin' all possible obstacles
That's what I thought until a probable prodigal got topical
Sought the top, distraught, that what I alloted was for naught
How could you say your heart was with you when the only light
you've taken in is artificial? Like someone ransomed your soul
Friend deserter, as you descended further, wouldn't even answer the phone
I'd scowl too, depression when I saw my reflection like night owl, who?
Gifted from descendants but presently, has my purpose been worthless?
Have they looked down lovingly, or rather just frown, judging me?
Felt like, is this right? Ominous, living with the flip-side of wanderlust
Deterred as I inferred my confidence and burdens were ponderous
Opened up the curtains to be certain, looked up at those night sky clouds
Assuredly, as the shine of purity has surely felt like a lifetime now

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