Rap – Fuck Slow Walkers

Fuck the multis for a minute, I just wanna talk,
Like how when I go out I'm just tryna walk,
But these five foot eight cunts drive my hate up
When I'm in a rush and they make me late when they just
Move slower than new Reddit, and what for?
I got a meeting at four so why's it 4:04?
Wales got no guns, I'm usually fine with this but no more,
These bitch punks got me wanting to wave a 44,
Getting popping shit in their oesophagus, demolish this
Obnoxious shit ripping apart the world, causing melancholic stints,
If you wanna move so slow I can drop you quick
Into the ground, then you won't move at all, problem fixed!
Your resistance to the diminishing of your existence
Is persisting my visions of dwindling the living,
It's driven my insistence of delivering infliction
So sickening with consistent precision till I can walk without limits,
Now my day's consisting of sitting spitting dissing written flows
‘Cause these piece of shit bitches are blocking the aisle to buy Halo,
Got me crying in the corner, writing the rap equivalent to a shitpost,
I'll continue my writing soon, I had to focus on this epidemic first though,
Fucking a holes

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