Rap – Dreamer’s Paradise (Part 2/5 of Juxtaposition)

Note: this is part two of a series of raps (called 'Juxtaposition') that, read together, tell an overarching story. 'Juxtaposition' is a sequel to another series of raps called 'The Lost Star'. Despite this, it's also readable as a standalone piece.

Google Docs open, soon to dock prose and
Lose all clock rolling to calls of blowing,
Spew falls, tops, moments of refusal, props’n loathing,
Refute lolls got knowing her due spot’s omnipotence,
Fireplace by the way, fires flames while she finds a place
To write the page to inspire a blaze
Of glory, her story of dire straits her final case
For why her name should be in a higher place, on the Empire State,
The entire state admiring straight the cries of pain
She writes in vein as she pines for fame tired of shame,
The education she requires fails her enquiring brain,
Engaged with lines of plays and rhymes, wordplay than nine to five days,
No one relates, have a nice spat at night as you, angered, cry,
She's mismanaged tries at grabbing high for the dangling sky,
Seems your sacrifice has beat ya, an average life has to suffice,
“Damn it, why!”, she screams as her body of lines has captured the eye… of a manager's mind,
Every night she'd lie awake dreaming of the day
Lines would formulate to experience what she's made,
Chairs completely filled, buildings to the brim,
All in awe of what they saw in her, to see her win,
Now no more searching for a purpose as an entity,
No more trying to find serenity when in doubt of her dexterity,
No more developing memories solely with enemies
Because else she's lonely for not settling for being treated as secondary,
Now she's on a train on her way to a greeting,
Meeting fans is the plan, shaking hands, a glad feeling,
Just like her dreaming on those nights where no one was believing,
But she never retreated, and now she's achieved freedom,
Her new release all set up, she sits beside it on stage,
Pen in hand to sign, a smile on her face,
She waits for the seats to fill, the lines to be made,
She heads home that night crying because nobody came

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