Rap – Evermore (Part 3/5 of Juxtaposition)

Note: this is part three of a series of raps (called 'Juxtaposition') that, read together, tell an overarching story. 'Juxtaposition' is a sequel to another series of raps called 'The Lost Star'. Despite this, it's also readable as a standalone piece.

The human race, just tears in the rain,
All look the same, all equal in fate,
But while we all fall into the drain,
We all do it in a different way,
"So why the fuck is my way an entanglement of pain
Due to mismanagement of rage which is handling my brain?"
Grabbing what remains of the fabric that’s decayed,
Encasing the happiness that's helped her last in the first place,
When she finally musters the confidence to walk out of her room
It's quickly demolished when she sees all the talking crowded groups,
Getting molly’d up, and with alcoholic stuff, downing and drowning food,
And she's on her own so she don't know what to do,
Eventually return to isolation,
Mentally she's hurt, rude eyes were gazing,
Meant to be dispersed, room’s silence ageless,
Destiny seems cursed, doomed, she can't take it!
Fuck these endeavours, quitting now is a must,
Forever sit in, browse so insecurities she disrupts,
She's yet to envision how beyond these walls to have fun,
She'll never live it down that she never lived it up,
She's the opposite of royalty,
Posted on society's edge,
This unavoidable void she sees,
Following till she's in shreds,
All she has left is loyalty
To those who don't view her as a friend,
All they do is toy and tease
Like she's as fake as they are in the end,
Angels abusing the light to ignite
The fire of the demons seething beneath the divide,
Purgatory is bliss, but little reside,
The majority prefer the binary divide,
As for her? She's on the brink of this realm,
Her shell disintegrated, finding heaven in hell,
Expelling what she's repented, darkness at the helm
Of her decisions and persistence for her visions to sail,
The expectations designated has created nothing but hatred,
Patience sedated, no shame remaining,
Black raindrops agitating the red tears on her favourite
Hoody, the feeling time's running out is ageless,
The education system has her head screwed patience finished,
These designated, gripping expectations limit,
She just wants to cement her placement via what she's written
But instead they're waiting smitten for great grades to make six digits,
"Well I'm sorry y'all! I'll probably fall,"
When her story's told the glory’s mauled,
Everyone's expecting honour rolls and scholar calls
When to be honest all she's on a roll for’s being dishonorable,
The glory, "it's dividing me,"
Her story, it's intertwined between
What they want for her, and her destiny,
She's soaring as she sinks,
The truth calls to her, offers satisfaction and elation
But she prefers the lies and their instant gratification,
The pain inside they're causing is gradually taking
Its toll, already in a loll, but she retains her placement,
Just an everyday struggle for an average Joe budding,
Academics review new school students like it's nothing,
And you get no suffrage so rage becomes suffering,
Then the facade you have trouble with juggling,
It's an honest accomplishment when you bottle up
And conjure the confidence to demolish your melancholy’s clutch,
Which is why falling after you've walked and pushed the obstacles
Is such a fucking mauling crush you find yourself in a ball, bawling, done,
Regret the center of her palimpsest reports,
Each vent piece she pens is her trying to forget,
These misdeeds she condemns but mistreatment still calls,
What if it seizes her again? It follows till she falls,
It's evermore

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