Rap – Serenity (Part 5/5 of Juxtaposition)

Note: this is the final part of a series of raps (called 'Juxtaposition') that, read together, tell an overarching story. 'Juxtaposition' is a sequel to another series of raps called 'The Lost Star'. Despite this, it's also readable as a standalone piece.


I finally have a solution… and now, the shackles fall through my arms


Enchanted snowdrops sleep on the embankment,
Orange skies shine off rivers fishes dance in,
The clouds disconnect as the sun fades
But soon the moon croons, a new light from a different place,
She feels so free, disputes no longer last,
She sees people's anger as only a lapse,
They're not fighting you, they're fighting the past,
Tryna differentiate the shadows from the darkness that's cast,
She spent so much time scared, feeling just worthless,
She couldn't identify her identity or her life's purpose,
When her doubts were enforced she only worsened
But at rock bottom, you see what you can't see at the surface,
Hate lost its weight, time gained appreciation,
Patience grew, dwelling changed to contemplation,
The love in her grandmother’s eyes she finally understands,
The serenity is grasped by her fragile hands,
Stardust remnants settle in the flowerbed,
Supernova particles fizzle and spread,
Articles of relics lost so long ago
Are found by the omniscient, their time at a close,
Value is relative, objectiveness is perfectionist,
Subjects subjected to subjectiveness
Sub expectedness for expression lust,
The purest of lessons but the surest in detecting what
Defines our meaning, a yearning for freedom, at what cost?
We forget we have it when we're guided by the lost,
Intelligence, let's us see the full spectrum of potential,
All adding to what it means to be existential,
All actions are meaningless, but not worthless,
The love required to hate is what makes life perfect,
People forget the moral of the story
Isn't the successes, but what leads to the glory,
As civilisation collapses and memories are retracting,
As the planets are crashing and life turns to ashes,
The Devil's laughing right in our face,
Every action’s redacted, happiness is erased,
These visions haunting her nightmares every night,
Scared to death of death, and the insinuations of time,
Even with the serenity and her hands cradling the light
She overcame her failings but couldn't trump what she couldn't find,
A higher meaning to life, the questions of “why?”,
Then she realises what she looks at with her eyes
Is already the best thing ever surmised,
Whatever’s beyond us could never be as inspired
As what causes her to smile when she sees her nan succeed,
As what causes her to cry when it seems she'll see defeat,
As what causes her to cry when she has those dreams achieved,
As what causes her to try to be looked at with disbelief,
Technological advances she'll never see?
They won't illicit emotions she can't have already,
There'll never be a better time or place, so she stands
Free, dancing in the serenity


For so long I couldn't see a way out,
And that's because there isn't, and that's okay now,
They'll never be a better time or place, so I stand
Free, dancing in the serenity

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