Rap – Tristan Kennedy

Misery’s no mystery because I know what y'all think of me,
Disbelief of my beliefs, that kid's just villainy,
I never live up to expectations but I can live up to that,
I can be what you say I am - may as well, you don't speak, just see,
When I'm struggling you rub it in, I cry? You double it,
Tumbling through life? You're just an asshole, fuck the bitch,
Eventually I no longer stomach it, wanna strike, I'm succumbing
To the words, and to the light I've been provided with,
As I watch the news, for once a smile,
Hearing what they spew, I know it'll be worthwhile,
To block their views as I curse, riled
And have my name spread from work to the wild,
I start pacing, my heart racing - from exhilaration,
Cars fading as students are dropped off for the day and
I remain patient, nurse my gun as I lay in waiting,
Dock it as the bell rings, here comes the exclamation,
Class starts, anticipation as I plan my placement,
Making sure my name's easily obtained from my remains then
My eye twitches as I get vigorous over past statements,
Saying my wailing ain't an issue, it's just hatred, face it!
Then they're stating it's video games, I never even played them,
Get it right this time why I'm about to start spraying!
I eye around hidden in place, no one in sight to detain this,
I obtain my AK from the bag it's laid in

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