Rap – The Street

They're getting married, she's pregnant with his kid,
He has a stable job, they're borderline stinking rich,
He’ll surprise her tonight with some wine they can drink,
He comes in and finds out that she's cheating on him,
He drinks the whole bottle that night then it's full throttle to drive,
But it's impossible to unwind so on the streets he dines,
Buys alcohol to try to lock his mind from the time,
It's not enough so it rises to drugs that he buys,
Inflicted with addiction, his condition diminishes,
He loses his job, cash, home, so the prescriptions are limited,
He starts mixing with grinding thugs so he can get higher up, sniffing it,
Buying cups and licking shit, the fire's rough but he loves to swim in this,
Nine months later, his child is born,
He realises she needs a good environment so he swore
To stop the injections and get his life back, poised again,
Before he can he dies, infected by alcohol poisoning

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