Yelawolf’s ‘Trunk Muzik 3’ is Fantastic but Flawed

Note: this is an informal review.


Perfect intro track. Doesn’t do anything crazy, it’s just two dope verses over a nice beat with an incredible outro. Sets the tone of the album nicely.

Catfish Billy 2

Like the intro, this song fulfills its role of setting the tone of the album and getting you hyped to hear the rest. I’m glad people’s opinions are starting to warm on this because, while it definitely doesn’t live up to the original, it satisfies its role as an opening track well and as such I like it a lot. The hook is catchy as hell.


Didn’t like this originally but it’s grown on me a lot. The beat is average and the hook is one of Yela’s most generic in a long time, but his verse is phenomenal and I also enjoy MGK’s – nothing crazy but it’s a lot of fun to blast. Overall it’s probably one of the weaker tracks on the project for me, but I enjoy it for what it is.

Special Kind Of Bad

Very underrated song. Its sound is what stands out to me the most – it sounds like nothing he’s ever done before, but it also sounds familiar and Trunk Muzik esque. Not sure how he pulled that off but, regardless, the song is dope and I especially love the singing hook. Need more love for this song asap please thanks

Like I Love You

Still my favourite song on the album. It embodies everything I loved about HOTEL while doing something new with it. Its melodies are incredible, its night time vibe is hypnotic and, overall, it’s my favourite Yela track since he was singing about his insecurities as a humble violin.


This pole vaulted its way to my second favourite track on the album. I liked it originally, but the more I listen to it the more I become immersed in its outstanding storytelling (which reminds me of Love Is Not Enough a bit) and extremely catchy hook; I honestly haven’t found a hook of his so catchy since Daylight, it really just clicks for me in a way that I just can’t stop singing it in my head. The track fires on all cylinders and is a standout in every area for me.

Trailer Park Hollywood

Yela continues the catchy hook trend with this banger. The song embodies everything about Yela both in its content and in its quality which, combined with the best song title of all time, makes it a track I always look forward to when relistening to the album.

No Such Thing As Free

This is the song that grew on me the most by far. I hated it on the first few listens, but I’ve gone on to find the song extremely catchy and the verses really enjoyable. I believe it’s a regression for Yela artistically, but I also find it achieved exactly what it was going for; a banger group cut that is fun as hell to listen to.

We Slum

Honestly, I absolutely hate this song. The verses bore the hell out of me, the hook is painful and I can’t even remember what the beat sounds like despite hearing it as much as the rest of the project. I don’t know why it won’t click for me but I just find the whole song excruciating.

Box Chevy 6

This is another song that drastically grew on me. I still think it’s a weak link of the album and an embarrassment to the Box Chevy series, but Yela’s verse is alright, the hook’s ok and the other verses are listenable. It’s adequately satisfactory, I just kind of expect more than that from Yela at this point.

All The Way Up

Grew on me like most of the other posse cuts, but it’s still “meh” to me. I’ll listen to it, but only when I’m listening to the whole album – I’ll never go out of my way to listen to this like I would Like I Love You, Drugs, etc. Yela’s verse is dope though.

Over Again

Who hurt him 😦 I love this track and think it’s criminally underrated. That first verse is really chilling – that beat suits the vibe he’s going for with the lyrics to perfection and those lyrics themselves are so well written. I actually think it’s one of the best verses on the album in terms of the writing, it reminds me of Shadows in terms of it being borderline poetry. The rest of the song is just as awesome, with a nice hook, nice second verse, another killer Klever outro and a general chilled vibe that just makes it a delight to mellow out to. Like Like I Love You, it gives me major night time vibes which I think is the kind of atmosphere Yela always nails. Y’all need to start loving this track immediately


This track is one of my favourites too. The verses are what stand out the most to me here; the beat reminds me of a classic Dre one in terms of it screaming “instant classic”, and the way Yela rides it just catapults the song to an all time great for me. While I think he could have done more with the hook, I still like what he did with it as the way it contrasts with the vibe of the rest of the song makes the verses pop and feel even more energised than they already were. Phenomenal track and another standout.

Over Here

Yet another perfect track. Great verses, incredible hook, fantastic production… I’m simply unable to say anything bad about it. What I especially like is the unique subject matter; the topic he discusses is something I haven’t heard covered in tracks too much, so to hear his thoughts on it in a song format was really interesting and fresh. It reminded me of the interview he did where he talked about song engineers thinking they’re artists and adding their own shit to a song – it’s an issue that I’ve rarely seen talked about, and it’s awesome Yela is getting it out there. Overall, Over Here is a perfect album closer and possibly even one of my favourite album closers from him period (I’d have to think about that though as there’s a lot of tough competition – The Last Song, Gone, Take It Easy, Tennessee Love, etc.).

Final Thoughts

Overall, Trunk Muzik 3 is a fantastic album that reminds me why I love Yela so much, including why Trunk Muzik Returns was the project that inspired me to check out the rest of his stuff. While I don’t think it’s as good as Love Story, Trial By Fire or Trunk Muzik Returns, the album gets better and better with each listen and, ultimately, I can see it contending my top 5 Yela projects once enough time has passed. For now, it’s a solid 8/10 release that ties a nice bow on Yela’s time with Shady Records, and it has me excited to see what he’ll do on Ghetto Cowboy and onward.

It also got my friend who doesn’t like Yelawolf’s music to like a Yela project so, if nothing else, it pulled off one of the most Earth shattering things I’ve seen in my life, and that’s pretty great.

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