PlayStation 5 Leaker Also Leaked Bully 2 Information

Today, Sony announced the PlayStation 5, including various details pertaining to it such as its backward compatibility, specs and more. Interestingly, an online user by the name of INDIEGUY123 leaked these exact details months ago. Even more interestingly, this same user also revealed the existence of Bully 2 months ago, and in light of his PS5 details being proven accurate it highly raises the likelihood of his claims being true. Discovered by Bully YouTuber TheNathanNS, these are the user’s correct leaks about the PS5:

What raises the likelihood of this even more is the fact that he also leaked the PlayStation 4’s recent name change addition, including the fact that the PlayStation 5 will have it on launch. On top of this, he also leaked the PS5’s VR integration. All of this adds up to a Bully leak that, finally, appears to be legitimate.

As for what he revealed about the long awaited sequel, he noted that a teaser for it will be coming this year, ahead of the game’s release in 2020. Furthermore, he noted that it will be the last game Rockstar release of this generation, and that it will only be on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

So, what do you think? Do you think it’s legitimate or are you still skeptical? There’s been a lot of Bully 2 leaks over the years and most have been very obviously fake, but given all the evidence behind this I’m actually optimistic. As someone who considers Bully 1 their favourite game of all time alongside Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the prospect of us finally getting that sequel in just a years time is very exciting, and I really hope this leak is as accurate as his PlayStation 5 ones.

What are your thoughts on the first Bully? Does a sequel interest you? Would you have preferred Grand Theft Auto 6 instead? Let me know all this and more in the comments or via my Twitter profile @JoshsJots.

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