One Sentence Reviews of Every PlayStation Vita Game I’ve Ever Played (Part 1/3)

The PS Vita is an amazing console packed with amazing games, and today I will do a one sentence review of every one I’ve ever played. I’m releasing it in three parts across three Wednesdays, splitting the roughly 100 games I’ve played equally. Let’s get right into it; note that it’s in alphabetical order and if it’s not on this list, I simply haven’t played it or haven’t played it enough to have an opinion on it (e.g. despite it being a popular Vita game, I’ve never played Tales of Hearts R, hence it not being here). With that said, here’s games A to J…

The Amazing Spider-Man – While it’s no Spider-Man PS4, it’s a good entry with a solid story, fun to explore open world and, most importantly, an enjoyable web swinging mechanic that I’ve spent hours just messing around with on the go.

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation – Very underrated Assassin’s Creed entry that features a nice open world, awesome protagonist and a story that, while muddled at times, features some nice moments.

Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles Trilogy – Neat spin on the AC formula that didn’t blow me away but did provide a few hours of tactical entertainment.

Batman: Arkham Origins: Blackgate – Another 2D take on an established 3D franchise that features a fun fusion of puzzles, problem solving, stealth and simple but addictive combat – I especially love the comic book graphic style (most notably in the cutscenes).

Bentley’s Hackpack – As someone who grew up loving the Bentley hacking minigames in the Sly Cooper games, having a spinoff focused entirely on them is awesome and a ton of fun, especially on the Vita where they feel right at home.

Borderlands 2 – Despite the well known framerate issues, I absolutely loved playing through this game on the Vita due to its addictive gameplay mechanics, great writing and sense of humour, superb gunplay and overall quality that few games this generation have rivalled.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified – Although this game is an undeniable trainwreck, I find the multiplayer incredibly fun and I’m also the only person in the known universe who enjoys the Hostiles mode, all of this adding up to create a game that’s deeply flawed but enjoyable due to its inheritance from much better entries in the series.

Cel Damage HD – I first experienced this on the Vita and absolutely loved it thanks to its unique ideas, awesome levels and a general design philosophy orientated around one thing; pure fun.

Child of Light – A hybrid of RPG and 2D adventure games that is simply excellent, a standard only enforced by its brilliant “slow down the enemy’s turn” concept that rejuvenates the turn based combat and creates something familiar yet fresh.

Coconut Dodge Revitalised – Not sure how or why I played this, but it’s fun to mess around with for five minutes from time to time so for the 40p I bought it for… yeah, sure.

CounterSpy – A stylistic gem that deserves a lot more attention due to its unique mechanics and level design.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc – Brilliant game with some of the best writing on the Vita, both in regards to humour and its general ability to keep you hooked until the very end.

Disney Infinity 2.0 – While the main campaigns are pretty average, the custom level builder is where this game shines and, as such, it’s easily one of my favourite creativity centric releases on the platform…

Dragon Quest Builders – … and this is another one of them, both because of its creative options as well as how it interweaves them with its enjoyable RPG elements and sense of exploration and adventure.

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition – This has been removed from the PlayStation Store, which is a shame because it’s a great port of a great game that fits the Vita to perfection.

Earth Defense Force Portable 2017 – Although it can get repetitive fast, EDF is still an enjoyable game that provides a ton of unorthodox fun in small doses.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two – This had the potential to be a modern 3D platforming classic because its concept has so many possible routes, however the final product is an above average affair that is enjoyable enough, but ultimately disappointing.

Escape Plan – A fantastic puzzle game that utilises the Vita’s features perfectly, especially the back touchpad which very few games have gotten right.

Everybody’s Golf – Doesn’t do much to differentiate itself from previous entries, but it doesn’t really need to as the formula is still insanely entertaining, charming and thoroughly at home in a portable format (plus it has Kat from Gravity Rush in it, which immediately puts it in my good books regardless of if it’s actually good or not).

FIFA 13 – A shameful re-release of FIFA Football which, due to me not playing that, is a game that I enjoy a lot due to its intuitive controls, plethora of content and overall experience that, despite me being absolutely terrible at it, provides hours of enjoyment.

Final Fantasy X – An all time classic that is an absolute joy to play on the Vita; its story is epic, its characters are memorable, its gameplay is fantastic and, through and through, it’s one of the best RPGs ever made.

Freedom Wars – While the story didn’t take advantage of the phenomenal concept, the gameplay certainly did, which led to an addictive (if sometimes monotonous) experience that remains one of the Vita’s standout exclusives.

God of War – A subpar port of a superb game that, in spite of this, provides hours of fun due to its enthralling gameplay and inspired concepts.

God of War II – Expands on everything the first did to create an equally epic outing that suits the Vita well (despite also being a poor port).

Gravity Rush – My favourite Vita game and one of my favourite games of all time period, as its story, characters, open world, soundtrack, lore, design and more are a collective showcase of how to create a stylistic and enchanting masterpiece.

Guacamelee! – A fun 2D beat ‘em up that, like the game above, nails the stylistic vision it was aiming for while delivering consistently fun gameplay.

Invizimals: The Alliance – A simplistic but enjoyable game that features a decently novel approach to the Augmented Reality genre.

Jacob Jones & The Bigfoot Mystery – A criminally underrated gem that features a charming world, simple but fun to follow story and, most notably, 20 puzzles that, while also straightforward, are varied and fun to solve.

Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy – A dire port of a game so good that you enjoy yourself anyway, thanks to its innovative level design, creative ideas and memorable characters; it’s one of the greatest platformers ever.

Jak II – I absolutely hate this game and I absolutely love this game.

Jak 3 – A game that perfects the flawed Jak II formula to close out the saga in a satisfying manner, both in regards to gameplay, story, levels (I love the desert) and characters.

Jet Set Radio – While the controls haven’t aged very well, the game is still an absolute blast to play because of its addictive gameplay and overall presentation that oozes with personality.

Jetpack Joyride – A port of the mobile classic that is as addictive on the Vita as it is on Android and iOS.

Part two, covering K to R, will be up next Wednesday. What are your thoughts on my opinions so far? Is there any game I’m a tool for not playing? Let me know in the comments or via my Twitter profile @JoshsJots. Make sure you’re following me there so you don’t miss the rest, as well as my weekly Vita content after that.

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