Rhyme Review – Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank is a classic,
Each time you fly to a planet
The visuals have you enamoured,
So bright, unique, multifaceted,
The gameplay too, it's all so new,
It never tells you what you have to do,
Just pick a path and jump and blast
Until a bot you buy or grab,
And let's chat about that cast,
Each man you meet just makes you laugh,
The penmanship is just so rad,
It's rich how it rags the theme of cash,
That extends to the character development,
Ratchet is wrapped and enveloped in
An intergalactic plan of dismemberment,
He goes from an ass to a drastically better man,
From the mechanic to the mechanics,
The gunplay's simple but packed with action,
The puzzles, varied and dynamic,
The stealth is a damn piece of [redacted],
But I am quite partial to
Clank's sections, they're gnarly too,
And I love the arsenal,
Creative, smart, not hard to use,
Despite this, a nitpick I pick
Is the controls have aged like shit,
And 'cause the sequels take what I like here
And improve them, wood to a fire pit,
The duo stopped what could have been tragic
And in the process captured magic,
Ratchet & Clank is a classic, oh…
And the soundtrack's fantastic

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