Rhyme Review – Spider-Man (PS4)

From dragon to lombax to whatever Fuse is,
Insomniac refuses to be booted,
One of the best to ever produce hits?
Their latest effort, Spider-Man, proves this,
The movement is intuitive, smooth, quick,
Just moving around the city brings amusement,
They've nailed the bustling of NYC
And how its citizens look - look at the boat NPCs,
Unlike those textures the fighting is slick,
Accessible but in depth and full if you dig,
The story is epic, well paced and mixed
With a variety of mission styles, most are lit,
… I say most 'cause holy shit, fuck the MJ sections,
I'd rather have a katana shoved in my midsection
Than play those slow, repetitive areas again,
Why couldn't they shoot me instead of Uncle Ben?
Overall, though, the game is a classic,
Insomniac continue to have this art mastered,
Whether abusing photo mode, doing the puzzles or blasting
Criminals in free roam, it's gaming's best portrayal of spandex

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