Rhyme Review – Sly 2: Band of Thieves

First played this soon to be force in 2004,
Scored it in a store, on a demo disc it was stored,
I played the tutorial for hours, till my thumbs were sore,
It was excellent, I saw a classic was born,
What first stood out was the aesthetic,
That clever moving comic style, indeed kinetic,
A lush colour palette but still drenched in mystique,
This style ages better than photo-realism, I believe,
Then I got the full game and was, again, blown away,
The style of open world, unique even today,
The mix of stealth and platforming, so fun to play,
The tight controls and circle gimmick only enhanced the foray,
What brings it all together is the fantastic characters,
They're wrapped and tangled in an epic narrative,
The protagonists have swagger but also battle with
Insecurities that are further damaged by the antagonists,
This makes the bad guys feel threatening
And makes you wanna root for the Cooper Gang, it's excellent,
Jailbreak embodies everything I love about this dynamic,
Bentley's arc and the Contessa makes you think he might not hack it,
If I had to criticise I'd point eyes at the inconsistency,
Some of the minigames are shit to me, the turret stuff especially,
Also, Clock-La… you've got to be kidding me,
That was the true sucker punch, how that got in's a mystery,
In conclusion, Sly 2 is a proven classic,
A magical spin on the genre, it mastered
Penmanship, open world design, distinct graphics
And an overall experience that won't be recaptured

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