Satire – One Sentence Reviews of Every PSVITA GAME Game I've Ever Played (Part 4/3)

The past few months I’ve been reviewing every game I’ve ever played on the PlayStation Vita. Although I played some ok games I guess (there’s this game called Personal 4 or something which is decent from what reviews I’ve plagiarised onli-, uh, played myself), but the games I’ll be reviewing today are the true apex of the console’s lineup. Let’s jump into it.

PSVITA GAME – PSVITA GAME embodies everything I love about gaming, from the consistent framerate to the way it perfectly fits on the screen – the controls exist and, most importantly, it provides a new, unique experience (I don’t see the shitty Nintendo Switch having rings built into its system lmaoo… well there’s the Ring Fit Adventure releasing soon but… oh fuck).

And there we have it. Overall, the PSVITA GAME has provided hours of time in my life, and I can’t thank the back alley sweatshop that created this enough for my interesting experience. Next time I’ll be doing one sentence reviews for every artist I’ve listened to on the iPOD MUSIC, including performers such as Teenage Cudi, Jay Y and Hopsin.

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