Satire – Japanese Game Developer Goes to US for First Time, is Shocked Female Students are Treated with Respect

A few weeks ago, Schoolgirl Dancing Maximus 7 developer P. Doe traveled to the US for the first time. Although culture shock is a common phenomenon, Doe especially struggled with it when he made his first trip to an American high school.

Upon arrival, Doe asked the nearest schoolgirl for a five minute song and dance routine. Instead, he received a punch in the face. This confused Doe further when more punches immediately followed – he was expecting her to hit once, stop, let him hit once, he stops, she hits once more, stops, and so on.

He tried another schoolgirl, this time trying to build their relationship by giving her boxes of chocolate over and over. Alas, he claims “their social link remained stagnant.” Finally, he concluded he must be underleveled and began combating low level NPCs (i.e. assaulting toddlers). 

Doe is serving 15 years in prison. “That’s not very kawaii”, he told our reporter.

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