Satire – Nintendo Respond to Mario Kart Praise by Adding Drifting to the Left Joy Con

A few years ago, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe released to rave reviews. In response to this, Nintendo have incorporated popular mechanics from the game into their hardware.

“We heard how much players love the drifting mechanic”, a Nintendo representative told us, “so we made it a feature of the Joy Con. Our stats told us that most people move with the left analog stick, so we made the drifting most prominent in the left Joy Con”.

Nintendo have also done the opposite – taking external feedback and applying it to Mario Kart.

“Players have been telling us how they want our online services to feel like they were made after 2004, so we made notes on other companies’ online offerings and incorporated it into ours. For example, we saw how much microtransactions are talked about, so we added them to Mario Kart Tour. In fact, we made all of the good content locked behind microtransactions!”

Nintendo are confident in the system because they’ve received an “overwhelming amount of feedback via MSN.”

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