Satire – Man Creates YouTube Account, is Immediately Sponsored by Squarespace

A few seconds ago, A. Joe joined the video sharing website YouTube. The moment he completed the sign up form, popular company Squarespace proudly announced their partnership with him.

“Squarespace is partnered with over 7 billion people worldwide”, a Squarespace representative said in the press release, “with more to be added once they sign the contract (i.e. have their birth certificate created)”.

When researching this topic, our editor could only find one person that actually isn’t sponsored by them – Hallash’jsidhs wjajj’qoai, a woman who lives in an uncharted jungle closed off from the rest of civilisation. When we-

BREAKING: Squarespace announce partnership with tribeswoman Hallash’jsidhs wjajj’qoai. When asked for her thoughts on the situation, Hallash’jsidhs responded “what YouTube?”

This article is sponsored by Squarespace! For just £1000 a day, you gain EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the site’s HOTTEST new features, including AWESOME designs and dick pics from the site’s CEOs. Use code “GO FUCK YOURSELF” for a 0.001% discount.

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