Satire – Sony Promise to Support PS5 as Much as They Supported the PS Vita, PlayStation TV, PlayStation Mobile, Xperia Play…

In a recent interview with our site, a Sony representative reiterated their desire to support the PlayStation 5 for all of its life cycle, just like they did with the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV and various other products.

“Just because a product doesn’t immediately catch on doesn’t mean we won’t give it the fighting chance it deserves”, the Sony representative said, “when the PlayStation TV wasn’t an immediate smash hit, we supported game stores the world over in moving it to the bargain bin”.

When asked about-

BREAKING: Sony Drop Support for the PlayStation 5 Because It Hasn’t Sold 50 Million Units Yet

“But it hasn’t even come out yet”, one of our reporters noted, “maybe you should give it a chance and actually release first party games and promote it or something.”

“What’s a PS5?”, the Sony representative responded.

He concluded the interview by noting how much support Sony will give the PlayStation 6 when it launches in 2027. “We’ll support it just as much as we did our four home consoles and one handheld”, he said.

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