Satire – Airline Upgrades Its Jet Engines to PS4 Fans

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Last week, American Airlines upgraded the jet engines on all of their planes. They decided to upgrade to Sony’s “PlayStation 4 fans”, a state of the art engine acclaimed for its noise.

The engine is at its loudest when running the RDR2 system, although American Airlines has also seen success with the CoD and NBA systems (especially the 2020 model).

When asked about the collaboration, Sony expressed their enthusiasm. “We designed the fans as a direct response to the Xbox One’s multimedia capability – yes, that can seamlessly play Crackdown 3, pornography and make you regret your console choice at the same time, but ours can wake up an entire household and draw attention to a game’s stunning graphics by drowning out all of the distracting dialogue.

It’s also incredibly inefficient, meaning it keeps power generator managers hard at work and gives people more incentive to support the “save the environment” movement. This collaboration is literally saving the planet.”

As of writing, only 956 passengers have died from plane crashes. Sony’s response to this was “For the Players”.

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